Anyone's Ghost

It's been a sluggish winter break. I didn't even want to look at the computer after I got back from Tahoe a week ago, and I've an unhealthy addiction, you know! My week back has instead been full of shopping, a sort of New Year's present to myself that I don't really deserve. I'm a naughty child, you see, and we shall leave it at that.

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New York T-shirt, vinatge; leopard leggings, vintage; collar, DIY; boots, Miss Me

As my dancing/clapping/disgusted friend is trying to show you, I have leopard leggings! Those who know me will call me a hypocrite due to my usual absolute hate for leggings of any sort (except James Lillis' of Black Milk, of course). But the synthetic cat gods were calling to me when I was thrifting yesterday, so I tried them on for sheer ridicule. And what do you know, they didn't look half bad (to me, at least). That there shirt is also the child of yesterday's shopping.

I have affectionately dubbed this my racing sweater. It even feels like the 80s, ya know?

Pewter oxfords, Enzo Angiolini

They're shiny. Shiny. Shiiiiinnnyyy. Is this getting through to you? Though the buggers did give me blisters yesterday, they are now thoroughly broken in and able to be the shiny gentlemen they are. Oh God... I sound a little insane. But they really are amazing, kids. The picture I took with my point-and-shoot really don't do them justice.
I probably won't post again until the New Year, so happy holidays.


Muscle Man

Did you guys know that Wikipedia says latchkey kids (kids that are home alone after school) are more depressed and more likely to do poorly in school? Silly Wikipedia! I am perfectly normal. I just happen to wear collars from different shirts and big houndstooth capes.
Anyway, I feel like I should be completely repulsed by this, but it's so adorable! Siri Tollerod looks kind of like a mischievous hobo or extremely happy vagabond, or maybe a dirty little boy with a love of hoops and rosary jump ropes. This really puts me in the mood for spring, man. Alas! I have to get through my blessed winter break first.



Much Ado About Nothing

I'm still recuperating after my competition in Vegas (more on that once I can access my pictures), so this is really only to tell you about my cross-post at MaeGal's Fashion. She has a handy dandy little blog with some truly useful tips for everyday wear and fantastic giveaways! And because I don't like to leave posts without a visual or something of the sort, I'm going to include this editorial from Vogue UK. I love the light effects, and it's one of the few times I could condone a typical gray background.

Night, dummies. LEMON OUT.


Album of the Month: December 2010

The Kills
Midnight Boom
One day we're going to discuss Alison Mosshart in detail, but for now... let's just bask in the dark fantasy that is the Kills. When I first heard about them way back when (oh, haha Stacy, you sound so old and wise) I initially thought, Yeeeaaahhh... girl/boy duo with some guitars and a drum machine? Isn't that a little White Stripes? That was an unfortunate time in my life when I was closed-minded and didn't understand good music. But we're here now, and Midnight Boom, their most recent release, has become one of my top albums. It has everything, man. You have the lo-fi vibe all over it, like Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince just got together in their fancy shmancy New York apartment and whipped it up while dancing erratically in their bedroom (perhaps it's the one on the cover?). At the same time, the sound is stripped-down expertly without sounding empty. What's cool is the different moods that exist on the album. In songs like "Tape Song" or "Hook and Line," the feel is super groovy and the guitar snarls and everyone goes crazy, lalala! But the band is not a one-trick pony. Though they're at their best when they let the sex appeal ooze all over the place and go for a raw sound, they know how to control it and go slightly softer in songs like "Goodnight Bad Morning" and "Black Balloon." Just, guys. IT'S SO DARK AND SEXY AND DANCY HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE IT?!??!?!
Favorite Songs: U.R.A. Fever, Alphabet Pony, Last Day of Magic


Regulate Me

So I've finally decided to get on my ass and do some show reviews. Indeed, friends! I will actually do some of this blogging business!
First, we have Hermès SS11, which happened to be Jean Paul Gaultier's last collection for the fashion house. Hermès began in the business of harness and saddles, and leather was all over the place in this collection.
Hermès Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearHermès Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Hermès Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearHermès Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Hermès Spring 2011 Ready-to-WearHermès Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Notice that clear looking-jacket? If one should take a closer look, YOU WILL NOTICE IT IS CROCODILE. Like, who would think of transparent crocodile? It's very exciting, you understand. The hats could've become monotonous, but they were just so... mysterious. The equestrian/ country look definitely prevails with the boots, the blazers, the billion variations on riding pants, and the spot-on tailoring. I also love the corset-type things that were on almost all the models. It would have been ridiculously easy for these girls to turn into dominatrices (especially Karlie Kloss with that crop... it worries me), but we stayed away from that area. It's all just incredibly sleek and makes me want to jump onto a regal stallion in my corset and sexy hat and strappy leather pants.
Album of the Month will be updated tomorrow if I can get to it.


Welcome to Fairy Outfitters. I'm Oberon, how may I help you today?

So you know how often I complain about Los Angeles weather? Here I go again. We had warm weather for about a week followed directly be freezing rain and chilling temperatures. LORD SPARE ME. I don't even own any proper outerwear; I've never needed any until this year. However, the rain cleared up the air for once, so the view was splendid, especially if you're into the whole city lights at night motif.

Pictures courtesy of my master, Zelia. And just know that it was about 53 degrees at the time of these shots and we had to stay out even later to begin her Christmas decorations(she's a silly lass). However, the lights were truly entrancing.

I wanted to add this last shot because I liked how it sort of looked like film, but is actually the result of some odd camera settings I put in place.

For those of you in the LAUSD, have a pleasant week. I'm sorry for those of you that are working stiffs.


It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

When I heard that Lanvin would be creating a mass-market collection for H&M, I was... pretty excited. When I saw the videos on the H&M website explaining the collection, I got butterflies thinking about what sort of clothes were to be created. And when I saw teasers pop up all over the internet, I was doing the Time Warp and fidgeting like a madman. Cue November 2: the collection is finally shown and made available for use by the public in the way of ogling and shrieking in sheer joy. GREAT SCOTT, ALBER ELBAZ. You've done it! You have the secret to life (to life!) itself (itself!).
Well, not really. Alber Elbaz simply has knows how to create an affordable (not for me, though) line of dresses, jackets, shoes, accessories, and menswear that I wish to possess and never part with. There's this one jacket in particular (3:10) that I'm already working into my mental closet. I'll have to wait until November 20 to purchase these clothes (silly H&M!), but I'm willing to wait. Them bitches at the store with me await my wrath.
I'd like to apologize for being a bad blogger. I was busy, blah, blah blah, etc. AND my camera is being fixed at the moment, so no outfit posts for a while, I should think. But good news, friends! I'll be guest blogging over at MaeGal's Fashion, and I'm positively agog. If I have another small posting hiatus, don't be surprised. I try to post as often as I can, mainly for my own fun, but I only hope that you guys actually enjoy reading this.


Fairy Dust

My creation. My beauties. They were finished the night before my school Halloween, but I don't care about how much labor I had to put into these. They're my first full garment that I have ever made without outside assistance.

As for the rest of Halloween, I got a lot of guesses of, "Robin Hood?" Alas! I was Peter Pan! And Zelia was my Lost Boy. Those of you reading at home that didn't understand my costume before reading this are probably going Oooohhhhhh!, as you should be. I hope everyone else had a splendid Halloween, it's only the best and most expressive holiday of the year.


I do it for the kids

Agyness Deyn in St. Mark's Place, V Magazine Issue 67 by Alasdair McLellan

People shouldn't idolize each other. That's always been my belief. But I'm a 14 year old girl. It's what my species has been hardwired to do. So, while it's still cute to say so, I THINK YOU ARE AMAZING MS. DEYN. She was actually one of my first hair inspirations, so if I follow that trajectory, I should be shaving my head some time soon. Anyway, I have been trying to get my hands on to the latest issue of V (hint, hint) just so I can have this editorial at hand. The 90s are one of my favorite decades for just about everything, and I'm loving the East Village/grunge influences up in here. Also, did you notice the alternation between black and white and color photos? I did. You should have. And now some more Agyness Deyn to help me through my last few hours of sickness (more on that in a bit).

agy - agyness-deyn photo
Check out this gallery if you have endless amounts of time and devotion.
So. These past three days have been spent complaining about feeling icky, cursing the weather, and an almost disgusting amount of tea. I've had a rather nasty illness, you see, but I've recovered in due time for a large exam. SUPER GREAT, I KNOW. Also, I apologize (ii you cared in the first place, of course) that I've not been able to post outfits. My camera was taken by my parents on a trip to Italy/Russia, bless them. I should get back into the swing of things in the next week or two. By the way, Halloween. Just a little reminder.
Well kids, there's a live episode of 30 Rock tonight. I want to go to there. I suggest you go to. 8:30 pm. Cool beans.


Zone A

pics of Natalie Portman for V Magazine 62 Cover

That's it. Natalie Portman is officially my favorite person of the moment. I mean, come on. She's intelligent, picks interesting and challenging movie roles, stays true to her vegan ideals, and she's so GORGEOUS. And she somehow still manages to be down-to-earth. Usually I admire people that are over-the-top and love showmanship and high glamour, but even more than that, I love those who are organic and REAL, those who exude a certain classic appeal yet manage to be, well... edgy, for lack of a better word. And I will always be in awe of her for shaving her head. Yes, it was for V for Vendetta (one of my top movies, by the way), but for a good number of so-called "A-listers," they would either classify that as a deal-breaker or go for the bald cap and wig look. Not Natalie, though. One more thing, though I could just go on and on: she still remembers and speaks fluent Hebrew. She can do interviews IN HEBREW. Like, if I had to do interviews in Russian, I would do the nasty-ass Ruglish thing and speak in broken sentences. She just makes my desire to visit Israel even more intense. And by the way, her eyebrows are an inspiration to us all.

I am LOVING Maggie from Stardust to Sentience's look. I could drool over that trench coat all day, and the rest of her outfit is simple but uber fierce. Her hair is kind of just the icing on the cake for me.
I wish you all a good weekend, and I'm now off for a late night glitter run (more on that later).


Album of the Month: October 2010

Dead Man's Bones
Dead Man's Bones

When I heard that Ryan Gosling had started a band with his friend Zach Shields, I thought, "Ummm, the guy from The Notebook? Let's just see what poser crap he puts out." Then October 6, 2009 arrived. My sister brought home Dead Man's Bones. I was immediately entranced by the cover art. And then I saw "Featuring the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children's Choir" written on the bottom. First, OMG THERE ARE KIDS JUST LIKE MYSELF ON HERE. Second, these are the kids from the conservatory that Flea himself started. Finally, I sat down to listen to the album in its entirety. The first thing I noticed (and this may be because of the high quality of my headphones) was the spacious sound in all the songs. It definitely sounds as if it was recorded in a dungeon or chamber of sorts. The sound adds to the eeriness of the music and lyrics (the album was originally intended to be used for a horror musical). And Ryan Gosling has an amazing voice, guys.The feel I get out of it is cheesy 50's horror films (i.e. The Blob or It!), doo wop, church organs, and the ever so popular soft and hushed indie rock. Sometimes the album gets lost in all its inspirations and moods, and it's always teetering on the edge of average. The album is still very much worth your time. And Ryan Gosling has an amazing voice, guys. He is redeemed in my eyes.
Favorite songs: Lose Your Soul, Buried in Water, The Room Where You Sleep, Pa Pa Power


I Prefer Lost Boys

I think it's time we started a Halloween countdown. But it's more than a month away!, you say.
Besides the fact that Halloween is the best holiday of the year, I need the pacing because otherwise I will lose track of the days I have to make costumes. I'm going to be Peter Pan this year, and not only do I have to make my dress, I have to make a pair of fur shorts for Zelia (my Lost Boy), and a fox dress/ hood. I've never made shorts though... Hope Zelia won't be pissed when she reads this.
So, I have a pretty big passion for music and making it. Some of you may know this, other, maybe not. But it's there. And I just thought that if you were to continue reading this blog, it would be good to know.
That is all.


Supersonic Particle Rush

Today was one of my favorite days ever(it's too bad computers can't tell you I'm being sarcastic): picture day. Let's face it guys. Even the models on the packet things don't look good in them. Whatever, as long as I no longer resemble Justin Bieber (the Biebster, JB, JBiebs, whatever you want it to be).
California weather is bipolar. We've had weeks of intense heat and sunshine up until the day before yesterday. Then you have 70° days followed by a sudden spike in heat and clearing of fog. That's why I opted for a sweater/skirt/tights combo. I can peeeeeeeeeel. Like a banana, not?
Oh, so I was attempting some wall shots, and as you can see, the chandelier in my room made an appearance in the pictures, and I like the distracting sparkles it gives off. And I have some shots of my door/wall collages as well. They used to be grand and splendid, but then I got to paint my room this (slightly greenish) Tiffany blue. A nice change from beige, yes, but that meant the death of my posters and baubles and WHATNOT. Feast your eyes, young 'uns.
LAST THING I SWEAR. Album of the Month should be up tomorrow, but if it's not, then Sunday. Right then, cheeri-o!

Sweater: American Apparel
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Hue
Boots: Miss Me
Peacock Necklace: Forever 21


How do math teachers get high? On planes!

Today's title was brought to you by my geometry teacher. If you happen to run into him, give him a big hurrah.
More importantly...
THE HAWK HAS RETURNED. I found inspiration for this particular one in this photo and my hairstylist Jana, who has hair for days.

Also, I'm getting a weird Morrissey vibe off of it. Yea? Nay? Possiblay?
(The Smiths, you guys. Morrissey's the one with the flowers.)

Let me take a moment to apologize for my absence. A combination of laziness and school has kept me away form the computer for a while. Album of the Month this month will be for September AND October.

This message has been making the rounds on YouTube, and I was finally able to watch it. I KNOW it's Lady Gaga you guys, but watch it. Skip the parts when she's calling her senators, though. I already called mine and asked them to vote with Harry Reid against the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. I couldn't give less of a horsefart if you are homophobic. Just stop this stereotyping of gay soldiers and their illegal discrimination. If they're citizens of this country, it shouldn't matter if they're gay or not. They obviously care enough to risk their lives for it, so don't make them hide their identity for the sake of your comfort.

I'm going to get back to memorizing the periodic table.


Call and Response

First off, I'd like you to pardon the Urban Outfitters bag in the first shot. I use it as my dance bag, and you really can't blame me for using the sturdiest thing they sell in the store (and they don't even really sell it). Secondly, I have a pounding headache that is probably the result of having to wake up at 7 am today to change my school schedule so as to avoid a line and clear up some electives issues only to find out that they don't want to deal with me until school starts. Yup, having a small school can be a bitch. Buuuutttt, I got to sleep the day away afterwards, and I got to play around with this new hat I bought (from Hot Topic, oddly). That shirt I'm wearing will probably be showing up on here much more than is normal or necessary. Just a heads up and whatnot.

Shirt: Passport
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden
Beanie: Hot Topic


Coquet Coquette

Ah yes, swimming was exactly what I needed today. That and watching penguins avoid leopard seals. Also, who's up for some necrophilia and cannibalism? No? Here it is anyway.


I had a dream in which I met Agyness Deyn

And she was living out of the back of a station wagon on my street.
Today, I spent the day with a pretty awesome chick. This beautiful creature is called Sheila (SHAY-luh).
You may ask,"What is this dear Sheila wearing?" And I will reply, "HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT URN!" (Aren't inside jokes infuriatingly fun?) Yep, we had a little outing to the park at night (not so wise) and dressed up in some articles of her clothing that we wouldn't NORMALLY wear together.
Today was also an escape from the heat that's been hitting us this month. So all you vacationers that don't have school yet, stop by L.A. and sit a spell.


I Fully Have To Disagree

With school being about three weeks away, I'm trying to get myself together. In typical Stacy fashion, I've allotted this time to do my summer reading, buy supplies, get my schedule, and try in vain to get organized. We all know, of course, that any satisfaction I get from having all my assignments and paper easily accessible will disappear in about a week as I run around class screaming, "OMG WHAT WAS THE HOMEWORK I DON'T KNOW SHIT AGHAGHAGHAGAH." But if all goes as planned, my year should be bitchin, complete with a dance sweater and a job hunt (well, maybe).
Also, I've developed a sudden interest in long dresses (not maxi dresses, just for the record). It probably won't last long, but while it's here we'll maybe think about some 20s-inspired outfits?

The Furies Katsu Dress
Urban Outfitters.

So, I finally switched out my spring blanket for my summer blanket. I'll try to get a photo of the two together so you guys can see the ridic difference in bulk, but I have to skip out if you don't object.


My Man Odysseus

At this very moment, I'm holed up in my air-conditioned house. I'm too afraid to even go swimming. And all because my perfect weather has been taken away from me. East Coast, I feel your pain.
But I'm trying to rise above it by looking forward to fall/winter, and all the layering glory to come. Exhibit A: Rag & Bone AW 2010.

photos from style.com

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright are just a couple of guys from the U.K. But they're not, really. Despite finding inspiration in English mountain climbers in tweed, they keep it relevant and desirable(in fact, so desirable that this was their fastest-selling collection ever). And the fabrics! They were mixed beautifully in the form of tweeds, knits, furs, leather, etc, in addition to the demure color palette accented by reds, blues, and oranges, among other things. I'm also a fan of how they took that Alpine-type print that you usually find on mohair holiday sweaters and made it seem classic and viable for everyday- dress. The first thing I noticed was the little bands over pretty much anywhere legs were at. How perfectly CLASSY. Ummm, ok, little leather bands over your pants won't really do you any good society-wise, but who gives a shit? You still have waistcoats and tweed jackets and coats thrown nonchalantly over your shoulder. And, like a true hot tranny mess, you won't go anywhere without donning a box of your grandma's treasured scarves and accessories like bolos, backpacks, leg warmers, and heeled hiking boots that also double as mountain gear.

Alas! Fall is not so accessible at the mo. To tide me over until then, I've got my eye on some floral shorts from Topshop.
Floral Cord Shorts
I wasn't really a huge fan of printed shorts when I first saw them, but a romp through a friend's closet opened my eyes! Errr, that sounded to familiar to that one contact commercial... Anyway, I'm skint broke, so that plan's down the crapper. I hope everyone's summer is going slightly better than mine.