All's Fair When You Are an Asshole

I'd like to settle an internal conflict I'm having with myself, if you all don't mind. Who knows? It might be a mind-altering experience, similar to the pleasure of cocaine or other groovy hard drugs!
In reality, it's the clog dilemma. Sorry for the build up, guys.
These Miu Miu clogs are fine and dandy and acceptable. I guess.

These French chestnut destroyers are even higher up in my approval list.

No. I'm going to have nightmares about Renaissance warlocks dying and being reincarnated as salmon shoes.

Anyway, I had a little biking expedition at the beach yesterday with my sister. Whilst in Venice, I passed about 3 or 4 circles of people smoking pot. How simply delicious! But hey man, you deal with it if you want to see the rich Venice culture. Mind you, I don't recommend staying past dark.

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