that's the outfit I wore but with different boots.
Last night, I patronized this little(not really) place on Sunset called the Roxy with Messrs.* Caroline and Chava. People my age know it for Spin the Bottle, the all ages dance party that is held every Monday this summer. It's an awesome opportunity for the underaged to go clubbing to their little hearts' content.
This week, vitaminwater sponsored a DJ battle. A couple of the DJs were impressive, but I was left bored by the majority of them. There were some guys throwing water at the mosh, resulting in my getting thoroughly soaked. Of fucking course.

Summer has a way of transforming us into night dwellers. Indeed, I am developing this syndrome, what with summer school work and being able to sleep in. That there photoshoot was
the spawn of a bored and lonely night. But out of boredom comes inspiration! You see that top I'm wearing? It's true form is a dress, like so:

It was my graduation dress, though I'm staying at the same school. Though it's not very clear, my hair is up in it's fauxhawk, which is currently hibernating due to too much hair on top (HAHA I know, I have no hair, whatever). Now, back to work on summer school, and then dance class.

Outfit 1:
Tunic: BDG (on loan from Caroline)
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: on loan from Caroline
Necklace: unknown

Outfit 2:
Dress: Macy's
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Miss Me
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Ralph Lauren
Jacket: Marshall's
Necklace: unknown

* Messrs. is the plural form of Mr. And yes, that would mean Caroline and Chava are men. But they're not. I promise.

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