Shalom, Soul Sister!

I had another day of shopping today with Julia, despite my lack of money. Thank Moses I have gift cards! What would I do without them? Lacking in new clothing is what.

Whichever Way I Go You Will Feel ItFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

That's basically my mood for the moment. BE ON THE LOOK OUT: Album of the Month will be updated on 3 August.
Have a splendid weekend!


Cookie Munch and Curly Fries Waste Away at My Figure

Do you know how I spent my day before yesterday?
After an escapade with cookie sandwiches at Cookie Munch, a truly adorable place with not enough business, and a stop for curly fries, I ended up in front of a dumpster with some shmucks.

Adorable as James and Samantha (and an unpictured Kayla) may be, we shall focus on other things.

That's just an outfit post from my trip to Venice on Saturday. I'm still kicking myself for not taking my camera! However, I look INCREDIBLY dour in the top picture. It's like I've never smiled in my life. Originally I was wearing a swimsuit under, but this was after visiting some members of the Russian crew, and a few of the HRM* got drunk, resulting in an impromptu sleepover. How smashing! So yeah, my purchases (for under $15!) are on the left, and my sandal/boot hybrids are on the right to provide a better view of them.

Right. And now the actual subject matter begins.
If you were to meet/greet/befriend me in real life, you would know that I have strong beliefs. For example: I'm a vegetarian in protest of animal abuse in factory farms.
But what really gets me going is a good talk on feminism. I'm not one of those girls who will just take your bullshit. I'll fight back if I feel like a piece of meat. So the suburbs of Los Angeles is a pretty shitty place for me to live. An example, I think: Yesterday, I had to take the bus to my school to clean out the costume closet for drama. The ENTIRE way there, I had guys in trucks or cars or even on BICYCLES honking or whistling at me. Seriously? You think JUST because I am alone and don't have a big, burly man or something next to me that I'll smile back or appreciate the catcalls? The answer is no, I don't appreciate being objectified. What if I were to do that to a guy walking down a street? But see, I wouldn't, that's the thing. I have what some would call class (well, when I'm not dancing down the street with friends because someone's car window is down and blasting music). And I'm not talking about horny-can't-keep-it-in-their-pants teenage bros, we're dealing with full grown men. Just a thought: isn't it a tad pathetic that they target a teenage girl walking down the street? Criminal offense, holla!
So my fellow teenage ladies: next time a dude tries to make you feel like something that should be thrown on a grill, don't hesitate to exercise your right to stand up for yourself... and perhaps your middle finger.
AAAWWWWHHHHH, a good rant always relaxes the nerves, no? Again, I sound very angry, but I am, so I feel justified.
RIGHT THEN. Yesterday, I volunteered to help clean out my school's costume closet. And I have to say, I never want to document and sort henleys and turtlenecks ever again. Alas! I'll probably have to. But we found some gems up in that closet! Again, I have an issue with not using my camera enough, but I want to introduce you to the First Communion/ wedding dress nightmare I was willing to try on.

No joke, I will wear this to my wedding WITH those shoes AND that bow.
We're putting on three high school shows, costumed by a certain Mr. AC. And before I leave you for the night, I have to say the weather has been AMAZING. Like, every day is 86 degrees amazing. Just a heads up to you guys.


My Jazzy Blue Tap Shoes

So. I finally watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The mouth singing in the beginning was a bit ominous, but the whole movie is just a fun romp with sexed- up trannies (my favorite people). And I was prepared to have a little love affair with Columbia'a outfit. SO MANY CONTRASTING PRINTS AND SEQUINS. It's slightly seizure-inducing.

And may I just say that Tim Curry has never looked so fabulous?

So, yeah guys. I needed that week-long hiatus, but I did miss this little blog o' mine. However, I didn't miss the heat wave that happened this last weekend! Oi vey! Temperatures in the three digit zone; we've finally caught up to the east coast. It's a good thing my house in the suburbs comes equipped with a pool (isn't that so stereotypical?). I even have the manicured lawn and gated driveway to match! Sounds a bit Edward Scissorhands, doesn't it?
Ok ok ok, one last thing. Remember that Album of the Week business? Right, that will now be Album of the Month. I find it's easier for me and will give me more time to analyze.
Oi. I sound like I'm being paid for this. STACY OUT.



Well, hey there.
Shopping about.

Those of you who followed the games are my new compadres. Let's meet and discuss referee calls, and players, and Paul the Octopus, and how I couldn't get over it when Spain wore blue instead of red.
I'm going to stop myself right there. Sorry for the excessive 'ands.'
Right then. This weekend, I went shopping with my girl Zelia, one of the coolest beans I know.

That's her contemplating life... NAH, not really.

It was a lovely day to be in Glendale (not something I say often), and the Americana was posh as usual, minus the ceaseless fountain shows. Being a 14-year-old without a job, I tend to visit only 3 stores there: H&M, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters.

The shirt is from H&M, and I love it! The big bow is scrumptious, and I love the details, like the seaming, the bows on it and the puffy sleeves. The skirt is a special one, and for $10? Like, HALLOSH? The glasses were to replace a lost vintage pair, but we deal.
Oh, so I'll be gone for the week. That just means I'll review an album when I get back, and I'll try to post as soon as I get home! Thanks, you guys.

Outfit 1
Hat: David & Young
Glasses: Urban Outfitters
Lace Tank: Loehmann's
Skirt: sister's closet
Shoes: Marshall's
Bandeau: Loehmann's
Bag: Target

Outfit 2
Hat: same as #1
Bow blouse: H&M
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve by Steve Madden
Glasses: DC souvenir shop


I Lust, I Lust

Yesterday, I had my dance competition AT LAST, but that will be another post.
Today, we shall focus on these:
I may have issues with how Dov Charney chooses to run his company, but I LOVE THESE TIGHTS. Yes, they are $25, and will most likely rip after a few uses, but I want them. Once you have them on, it just looks like punctuation and symbols chose to make a home on your legs. If ever I'm feeling impulsive, I'm running to the nearest American Apparel store.


Let's Talk About The Block

Can I just start by saying I love Chanel Iman? I may? Right, then.
Well, that's exaggerating a bit. But I do like her very much. And I was very excited to see her in the summer edition of The Block. The whole spread was like the 60s barfed all over the modern day, and she reminded me of Billie Holiday with some of the styling.
How does the girl not break something? Well, I guess that fabulously skintight sequined jumpsuit would keep her in place.
Oh, Miu Miu. How I do love the naked people on your collar, your florals that are having a little dance, and your vermillion beading. I like the flower bush next to Chanel, too.
She looks like a rich lady of leisure whose cruise stopped in Sweden(something I refuse to question), so she attached furs to her heels and made a sweet lace dress out of her smashing stateroom curtains. And those ruby earrings have a nostalgic vintage appeal.

Viktor & Rolf. Siiigggghhhhh.

No pants? Taking refuge in your fur coat? I'm into that.
This is the Billie Holiday one.

(all photo credits go to fashiongonerogue.com)

There you go. Now I return to drudgery.


Album of the Week #2 or The Second Lady

You know what's amusing?
Like, seriously. I consider this a victory for the West Coast. That, and the Lakers win (OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!).
Ah, 4th of July weekend. A time for large amounts of meat, legal explosions, and beer ads that should really be selling Sam Adams. I myself had veggie dogs and non-alcoholic Coke, AND was in the company of hairy Russian men, which will now be known as HRM.

Crystal Castles- Crystal Castles

This band features one of my favorite people at the moment: Alice Glass. Honey, that bitch gets fucked up on stage. And I love her for it. IMMENSELY. Anyway, the album is more mature than their last one, and gone is the crazy 8 bit. Instead, it's a bit more sparse and more layered. Sometimes you can actually understand Alice, which is a good opportunity to listen to their fascinating lyrics. I don't want to say it's ambient (a much overused word), but it definitely doesn't sound like a video game (not a bad thing, by the way). Ethan Kath did a great job on the mixing, and Alice sounds on point as usual. This is the sound of a band maturing and creating something new.
Favorites: Doe Deer, Year of Silence, Birds, Baptism

One last thing: Listen to this song. I enjoy it. Creds to Caroline, one of my bezzie mates.


Baby Went to Amsterdam

As I sit here working on my essay on diabetes for summer school and listening to Peter Bjorn and John, I can't help but feel conflicted as to whether I have a life or not. In addition to this, I have a ballroom dancing competition (it's the biggest craze the Russian community has ever seen) next Friday, for which I must devote 8672589698690734175435938 hours a week. It's fine though, it's an excuse to wear rhinestones, heels, and an obscene amount of makeup.

Despite how often I whine about my life, it's really not that bad. Prime example: last night, I went to the Pantages on Hollywood and Vine for In the Heights, winner of the 2008 Tony for Best Musical. So hey man, you know it's going to be good... AND IT WAS. The characters were refreshing, the music was original and tended to be more freeform, and the dialogue. OI VEY, THE DIALOGUE. It was hilarious! If you're in the area, you should definitely visit the theater and watch the show. It runs to July 25.
Another reason to love the theater: the outfit! I'm lacking in real formal wear, so I went with the cutout dress. It's given me so much stress what with it's spastic zipper and constantly having to resew the button, but it's so damn cute! I paired it with black jazz-looking shoes and red tights (just saying, tights are my life. true story). Yeah, I know. Tights in summer. But it happened to be the perfect evening for them, so y'all can go suck it.

Dress: Lucca Couture
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Steve Madden
Hat: David and Young
Necklace: unknown