Baby Went to Amsterdam

As I sit here working on my essay on diabetes for summer school and listening to Peter Bjorn and John, I can't help but feel conflicted as to whether I have a life or not. In addition to this, I have a ballroom dancing competition (it's the biggest craze the Russian community has ever seen) next Friday, for which I must devote 8672589698690734175435938 hours a week. It's fine though, it's an excuse to wear rhinestones, heels, and an obscene amount of makeup.

Despite how often I whine about my life, it's really not that bad. Prime example: last night, I went to the Pantages on Hollywood and Vine for In the Heights, winner of the 2008 Tony for Best Musical. So hey man, you know it's going to be good... AND IT WAS. The characters were refreshing, the music was original and tended to be more freeform, and the dialogue. OI VEY, THE DIALOGUE. It was hilarious! If you're in the area, you should definitely visit the theater and watch the show. It runs to July 25.
Another reason to love the theater: the outfit! I'm lacking in real formal wear, so I went with the cutout dress. It's given me so much stress what with it's spastic zipper and constantly having to resew the button, but it's so damn cute! I paired it with black jazz-looking shoes and red tights (just saying, tights are my life. true story). Yeah, I know. Tights in summer. But it happened to be the perfect evening for them, so y'all can go suck it.

Dress: Lucca Couture
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Steve Madden
Hat: David and Young
Necklace: unknown

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