Cookie Munch and Curly Fries Waste Away at My Figure

Do you know how I spent my day before yesterday?
After an escapade with cookie sandwiches at Cookie Munch, a truly adorable place with not enough business, and a stop for curly fries, I ended up in front of a dumpster with some shmucks.

Adorable as James and Samantha (and an unpictured Kayla) may be, we shall focus on other things.

That's just an outfit post from my trip to Venice on Saturday. I'm still kicking myself for not taking my camera! However, I look INCREDIBLY dour in the top picture. It's like I've never smiled in my life. Originally I was wearing a swimsuit under, but this was after visiting some members of the Russian crew, and a few of the HRM* got drunk, resulting in an impromptu sleepover. How smashing! So yeah, my purchases (for under $15!) are on the left, and my sandal/boot hybrids are on the right to provide a better view of them.

Right. And now the actual subject matter begins.
If you were to meet/greet/befriend me in real life, you would know that I have strong beliefs. For example: I'm a vegetarian in protest of animal abuse in factory farms.
But what really gets me going is a good talk on feminism. I'm not one of those girls who will just take your bullshit. I'll fight back if I feel like a piece of meat. So the suburbs of Los Angeles is a pretty shitty place for me to live. An example, I think: Yesterday, I had to take the bus to my school to clean out the costume closet for drama. The ENTIRE way there, I had guys in trucks or cars or even on BICYCLES honking or whistling at me. Seriously? You think JUST because I am alone and don't have a big, burly man or something next to me that I'll smile back or appreciate the catcalls? The answer is no, I don't appreciate being objectified. What if I were to do that to a guy walking down a street? But see, I wouldn't, that's the thing. I have what some would call class (well, when I'm not dancing down the street with friends because someone's car window is down and blasting music). And I'm not talking about horny-can't-keep-it-in-their-pants teenage bros, we're dealing with full grown men. Just a thought: isn't it a tad pathetic that they target a teenage girl walking down the street? Criminal offense, holla!
So my fellow teenage ladies: next time a dude tries to make you feel like something that should be thrown on a grill, don't hesitate to exercise your right to stand up for yourself... and perhaps your middle finger.
AAAWWWWHHHHH, a good rant always relaxes the nerves, no? Again, I sound very angry, but I am, so I feel justified.
RIGHT THEN. Yesterday, I volunteered to help clean out my school's costume closet. And I have to say, I never want to document and sort henleys and turtlenecks ever again. Alas! I'll probably have to. But we found some gems up in that closet! Again, I have an issue with not using my camera enough, but I want to introduce you to the First Communion/ wedding dress nightmare I was willing to try on.

No joke, I will wear this to my wedding WITH those shoes AND that bow.
We're putting on three high school shows, costumed by a certain Mr. AC. And before I leave you for the night, I have to say the weather has been AMAZING. Like, every day is 86 degrees amazing. Just a heads up to you guys.

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