Let's Talk About The Block

Can I just start by saying I love Chanel Iman? I may? Right, then.
Well, that's exaggerating a bit. But I do like her very much. And I was very excited to see her in the summer edition of The Block. The whole spread was like the 60s barfed all over the modern day, and she reminded me of Billie Holiday with some of the styling.
How does the girl not break something? Well, I guess that fabulously skintight sequined jumpsuit would keep her in place.
Oh, Miu Miu. How I do love the naked people on your collar, your florals that are having a little dance, and your vermillion beading. I like the flower bush next to Chanel, too.
She looks like a rich lady of leisure whose cruise stopped in Sweden(something I refuse to question), so she attached furs to her heels and made a sweet lace dress out of her smashing stateroom curtains. And those ruby earrings have a nostalgic vintage appeal.

Viktor & Rolf. Siiigggghhhhh.

No pants? Taking refuge in your fur coat? I'm into that.
This is the Billie Holiday one.

(all photo credits go to fashiongonerogue.com)

There you go. Now I return to drudgery.

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