My Jazzy Blue Tap Shoes

So. I finally watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The mouth singing in the beginning was a bit ominous, but the whole movie is just a fun romp with sexed- up trannies (my favorite people). And I was prepared to have a little love affair with Columbia'a outfit. SO MANY CONTRASTING PRINTS AND SEQUINS. It's slightly seizure-inducing.

And may I just say that Tim Curry has never looked so fabulous?

So, yeah guys. I needed that week-long hiatus, but I did miss this little blog o' mine. However, I didn't miss the heat wave that happened this last weekend! Oi vey! Temperatures in the three digit zone; we've finally caught up to the east coast. It's a good thing my house in the suburbs comes equipped with a pool (isn't that so stereotypical?). I even have the manicured lawn and gated driveway to match! Sounds a bit Edward Scissorhands, doesn't it?
Ok ok ok, one last thing. Remember that Album of the Week business? Right, that will now be Album of the Month. I find it's easier for me and will give me more time to analyze.
Oi. I sound like I'm being paid for this. STACY OUT.

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