Coquet Coquette

Ah yes, swimming was exactly what I needed today. That and watching penguins avoid leopard seals. Also, who's up for some necrophilia and cannibalism? No? Here it is anyway.


I had a dream in which I met Agyness Deyn

And she was living out of the back of a station wagon on my street.
Today, I spent the day with a pretty awesome chick. This beautiful creature is called Sheila (SHAY-luh).
You may ask,"What is this dear Sheila wearing?" And I will reply, "HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT URN!" (Aren't inside jokes infuriatingly fun?) Yep, we had a little outing to the park at night (not so wise) and dressed up in some articles of her clothing that we wouldn't NORMALLY wear together.
Today was also an escape from the heat that's been hitting us this month. So all you vacationers that don't have school yet, stop by L.A. and sit a spell.


I Fully Have To Disagree

With school being about three weeks away, I'm trying to get myself together. In typical Stacy fashion, I've allotted this time to do my summer reading, buy supplies, get my schedule, and try in vain to get organized. We all know, of course, that any satisfaction I get from having all my assignments and paper easily accessible will disappear in about a week as I run around class screaming, "OMG WHAT WAS THE HOMEWORK I DON'T KNOW SHIT AGHAGHAGHAGAH." But if all goes as planned, my year should be bitchin, complete with a dance sweater and a job hunt (well, maybe).
Also, I've developed a sudden interest in long dresses (not maxi dresses, just for the record). It probably won't last long, but while it's here we'll maybe think about some 20s-inspired outfits?

The Furies Katsu Dress
Urban Outfitters.

So, I finally switched out my spring blanket for my summer blanket. I'll try to get a photo of the two together so you guys can see the ridic difference in bulk, but I have to skip out if you don't object.


My Man Odysseus

At this very moment, I'm holed up in my air-conditioned house. I'm too afraid to even go swimming. And all because my perfect weather has been taken away from me. East Coast, I feel your pain.
But I'm trying to rise above it by looking forward to fall/winter, and all the layering glory to come. Exhibit A: Rag & Bone AW 2010.

photos from style.com

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright are just a couple of guys from the U.K. But they're not, really. Despite finding inspiration in English mountain climbers in tweed, they keep it relevant and desirable(in fact, so desirable that this was their fastest-selling collection ever). And the fabrics! They were mixed beautifully in the form of tweeds, knits, furs, leather, etc, in addition to the demure color palette accented by reds, blues, and oranges, among other things. I'm also a fan of how they took that Alpine-type print that you usually find on mohair holiday sweaters and made it seem classic and viable for everyday- dress. The first thing I noticed was the little bands over pretty much anywhere legs were at. How perfectly CLASSY. Ummm, ok, little leather bands over your pants won't really do you any good society-wise, but who gives a shit? You still have waistcoats and tweed jackets and coats thrown nonchalantly over your shoulder. And, like a true hot tranny mess, you won't go anywhere without donning a box of your grandma's treasured scarves and accessories like bolos, backpacks, leg warmers, and heeled hiking boots that also double as mountain gear.

Alas! Fall is not so accessible at the mo. To tide me over until then, I've got my eye on some floral shorts from Topshop.
Floral Cord Shorts
I wasn't really a huge fan of printed shorts when I first saw them, but a romp through a friend's closet opened my eyes! Errr, that sounded to familiar to that one contact commercial... Anyway, I'm skint broke, so that plan's down the crapper. I hope everyone's summer is going slightly better than mine.


'Why can't all cars be like this one?' 'Yeah, it's bumpy and adventurous!' 'I meant the people in it.'

Eyyyyyyy, what's cookin, good lookin(s)?
I'd like to introduce my best (non-Russian) friends.

Mr. Natalie.
SeƱor Julia (right)
Caroline, a.k.a Kat Huntington

These girls are truly the backbone of my being. Though we had a whole discussion on how we probably wouldn't be friends if we met today, we met at the exact right time. And thank sweet Jesus. I'll stop right there because my deep passion doesn't make for a good read, no matter how hard I think so.
You know what's tripping my balls? THIS HEAT, MAN. I've been spoiled this entire summer with 85 degree days and perfect nights. Well tomorrow it's going to be 108 degrees. Gross, dears. Gross.
On the upside, new shoes! Yes, it's a cliche for women to have a shoe fetish, but I just can't resist.

Shoes: Urban Outfitters (I know, I know)

So while I was gone at camp, I captured a glorious hair image, complete with my favorite red bow (Rosie the Riveter much?). And yeah, I think you'll like it.

Because I'm not that interesting I'll end it here.


You Like My Filler?

I had a ridiculously tiring day yesterday. Petty as it sounds, a 3-hour shopping trip at Loehmann's completely drained me. When my sister, mum, and I got home (at last), I had lunch... and collapsed. BUUUUUTTTTTT, I was able to purchase 3 dresses and a sweater at a discount. One of those dresses will be returned though, as is custom in my indecisive family. Just saying, Loehmann's is pretty much my life when I'm shopping with my mom, it's like the only place she'll bother to make an effort at getting something for herself.
While I was there, the Italian designer sale was going on, sooo, Dolce and Gabbana. And I found this AMAZING (I'll have to be careful not to use that a lot) red velvet blazer. It fit like a fucking glove, dude. My wallet could not support me and cough up $200, so we deal, we deal.
Right then, kiddos. I'll be gone all of next week at camp, so posting will resume when I get back. Maybe I'll become a little more interesting by then? HAHAHAHAHHAHA NOT A CHANCE.


I Study Nostalgia When I'm Not Busy Crying

I already hated beauty pageants, but it's like the hairspray gods are telling me I should reject them even further. Why the bitterness?, you my silly friends may ask. Cue this. The poor girl had to uphold her winning image? What the shit! How long was that going to last, pageant directors? I'm just happy she gave the crown back. Silly to enter in the first place anyway, but I guess the feel of a baton in your hands is addictive.

Siri Tollerod, tumblr, Mia Farrow, Dia de los Muertos


My Pet Umbilical Cord

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I went to see Dinner For Schmucks on Wednesday with Kayla. And dude, IT WAS MAD FUNNY. But the highlight of my day was stumbling upon
What a very smashing Kayla is presenting is Nightlight: A Paraody. In case you didn't understand of what exactly, it's the Harvard Lampoon's version of Twilight. Here at Fabulous Muscles, we frown upon said book. And this book turns Bella Swan, or Belle Goose, into a self-aware klutz with a sufficiently gianormous ego who seeks out vampires. Basically, it turns everything I hate about the book into something that makes me stop every five seconds and laugh. It was pretty much impossible reading the book out loud in the Macy's furniture showroom to Kayla (she is lazy, not illiterate). And dude. Edward Cullen is now EDWART MULLEN. OI OI OI OI OI. And he's not even a vampire! I didn't get to finish the book because Kayla had bought it at Barnes & Noble on impulse and obviously wanted to read it.
Also, my mum's birthday was on Wednesday. Just thought I'd share.
As I sat in the theater watching previews, the trailer for The Social Network came on. I won't touch upon the fact that there's going to be a movie about Facebook (ummm, really?), but I will point out that the first thing I noticed was the song. And how fitting that they chose Creep! However, the choir version is just beautiful. Beautiful. After a quick Google search, I discovered it's a Belgian girls' choir called Scala and Kolacny Brothers. LOOK IT UP, Y'ALL.
Last development: I saw Rent at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday. And not only was WAYNE BRADY in it, but Nicole Scherzinger (yes, one of the Pussycat Dolls) was absolutely AMAZING as Maureen. Other members of the cast as directed by the godly Neil Patrick Harris were Vanessa Hudgens, Aaron Tveit, Skylar Astin, Telly Leung, and Tracie Thoms.
And now I leave you with a song that I can't get out of my head...


#3) ceo: White Magic

White Magic

You know what's just uncanny? How melodic the Swedish are. No joke, man. They have the greatest gift of hooks and catchy beats and sweet lyrics all at the very same time. Now that we've established this, let me introduce a Mr. Eric Berglund. ceo is his solo project, following his success with the Tough Alliance. He's also the co-founder of Sincerely Yours, a record label that puts out the like of Air France, JJ, and the Honeydrips. There was some mystery surrounding this LP (like who the fuck is ceo? or what the shit is up with this video?). But we have it now in all its synthy, poppy glory! It's definitely an upbeat album, but when you have the strings and various technical elements(I definitely heard a sword sample), you get a moody look at happiness.
I'm not a great fan of all eight tracks on the album, but they're all well executed. This is definitely a more composed, sinister, but rapturous approach to synthpop (is we can even call it that).
Favorite Tracks: White Magic, Oh God. Oh Dear, Come With Me