#3) ceo: White Magic

White Magic

You know what's just uncanny? How melodic the Swedish are. No joke, man. They have the greatest gift of hooks and catchy beats and sweet lyrics all at the very same time. Now that we've established this, let me introduce a Mr. Eric Berglund. ceo is his solo project, following his success with the Tough Alliance. He's also the co-founder of Sincerely Yours, a record label that puts out the like of Air France, JJ, and the Honeydrips. There was some mystery surrounding this LP (like who the fuck is ceo? or what the shit is up with this video?). But we have it now in all its synthy, poppy glory! It's definitely an upbeat album, but when you have the strings and various technical elements(I definitely heard a sword sample), you get a moody look at happiness.
I'm not a great fan of all eight tracks on the album, but they're all well executed. This is definitely a more composed, sinister, but rapturous approach to synthpop (is we can even call it that).
Favorite Tracks: White Magic, Oh God. Oh Dear, Come With Me

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