I Fully Have To Disagree

With school being about three weeks away, I'm trying to get myself together. In typical Stacy fashion, I've allotted this time to do my summer reading, buy supplies, get my schedule, and try in vain to get organized. We all know, of course, that any satisfaction I get from having all my assignments and paper easily accessible will disappear in about a week as I run around class screaming, "OMG WHAT WAS THE HOMEWORK I DON'T KNOW SHIT AGHAGHAGHAGAH." But if all goes as planned, my year should be bitchin, complete with a dance sweater and a job hunt (well, maybe).
Also, I've developed a sudden interest in long dresses (not maxi dresses, just for the record). It probably won't last long, but while it's here we'll maybe think about some 20s-inspired outfits?

The Furies Katsu Dress
Urban Outfitters.

So, I finally switched out my spring blanket for my summer blanket. I'll try to get a photo of the two together so you guys can see the ridic difference in bulk, but I have to skip out if you don't object.

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