My Man Odysseus

At this very moment, I'm holed up in my air-conditioned house. I'm too afraid to even go swimming. And all because my perfect weather has been taken away from me. East Coast, I feel your pain.
But I'm trying to rise above it by looking forward to fall/winter, and all the layering glory to come. Exhibit A: Rag & Bone AW 2010.

photos from style.com

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright are just a couple of guys from the U.K. But they're not, really. Despite finding inspiration in English mountain climbers in tweed, they keep it relevant and desirable(in fact, so desirable that this was their fastest-selling collection ever). And the fabrics! They were mixed beautifully in the form of tweeds, knits, furs, leather, etc, in addition to the demure color palette accented by reds, blues, and oranges, among other things. I'm also a fan of how they took that Alpine-type print that you usually find on mohair holiday sweaters and made it seem classic and viable for everyday- dress. The first thing I noticed was the little bands over pretty much anywhere legs were at. How perfectly CLASSY. Ummm, ok, little leather bands over your pants won't really do you any good society-wise, but who gives a shit? You still have waistcoats and tweed jackets and coats thrown nonchalantly over your shoulder. And, like a true hot tranny mess, you won't go anywhere without donning a box of your grandma's treasured scarves and accessories like bolos, backpacks, leg warmers, and heeled hiking boots that also double as mountain gear.

Alas! Fall is not so accessible at the mo. To tide me over until then, I've got my eye on some floral shorts from Topshop.
Floral Cord Shorts
I wasn't really a huge fan of printed shorts when I first saw them, but a romp through a friend's closet opened my eyes! Errr, that sounded to familiar to that one contact commercial... Anyway, I'm skint broke, so that plan's down the crapper. I hope everyone's summer is going slightly better than mine.

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