'Why can't all cars be like this one?' 'Yeah, it's bumpy and adventurous!' 'I meant the people in it.'

Eyyyyyyy, what's cookin, good lookin(s)?
I'd like to introduce my best (non-Russian) friends.

Mr. Natalie.
Señor Julia (right)
Caroline, a.k.a Kat Huntington

These girls are truly the backbone of my being. Though we had a whole discussion on how we probably wouldn't be friends if we met today, we met at the exact right time. And thank sweet Jesus. I'll stop right there because my deep passion doesn't make for a good read, no matter how hard I think so.
You know what's tripping my balls? THIS HEAT, MAN. I've been spoiled this entire summer with 85 degree days and perfect nights. Well tomorrow it's going to be 108 degrees. Gross, dears. Gross.
On the upside, new shoes! Yes, it's a cliche for women to have a shoe fetish, but I just can't resist.

Shoes: Urban Outfitters (I know, I know)

So while I was gone at camp, I captured a glorious hair image, complete with my favorite red bow (Rosie the Riveter much?). And yeah, I think you'll like it.

Because I'm not that interesting I'll end it here.

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