You Like My Filler?

I had a ridiculously tiring day yesterday. Petty as it sounds, a 3-hour shopping trip at Loehmann's completely drained me. When my sister, mum, and I got home (at last), I had lunch... and collapsed. BUUUUUTTTTTT, I was able to purchase 3 dresses and a sweater at a discount. One of those dresses will be returned though, as is custom in my indecisive family. Just saying, Loehmann's is pretty much my life when I'm shopping with my mom, it's like the only place she'll bother to make an effort at getting something for herself.
While I was there, the Italian designer sale was going on, sooo, Dolce and Gabbana. And I found this AMAZING (I'll have to be careful not to use that a lot) red velvet blazer. It fit like a fucking glove, dude. My wallet could not support me and cough up $200, so we deal, we deal.
Right then, kiddos. I'll be gone all of next week at camp, so posting will resume when I get back. Maybe I'll become a little more interesting by then? HAHAHAHAHHAHA NOT A CHANCE.

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