I Prefer Lost Boys

I think it's time we started a Halloween countdown. But it's more than a month away!, you say.
Besides the fact that Halloween is the best holiday of the year, I need the pacing because otherwise I will lose track of the days I have to make costumes. I'm going to be Peter Pan this year, and not only do I have to make my dress, I have to make a pair of fur shorts for Zelia (my Lost Boy), and a fox dress/ hood. I've never made shorts though... Hope Zelia won't be pissed when she reads this.
So, I have a pretty big passion for music and making it. Some of you may know this, other, maybe not. But it's there. And I just thought that if you were to continue reading this blog, it would be good to know.
That is all.


Supersonic Particle Rush

Today was one of my favorite days ever(it's too bad computers can't tell you I'm being sarcastic): picture day. Let's face it guys. Even the models on the packet things don't look good in them. Whatever, as long as I no longer resemble Justin Bieber (the Biebster, JB, JBiebs, whatever you want it to be).
California weather is bipolar. We've had weeks of intense heat and sunshine up until the day before yesterday. Then you have 70° days followed by a sudden spike in heat and clearing of fog. That's why I opted for a sweater/skirt/tights combo. I can peeeeeeeeeel. Like a banana, not?
Oh, so I was attempting some wall shots, and as you can see, the chandelier in my room made an appearance in the pictures, and I like the distracting sparkles it gives off. And I have some shots of my door/wall collages as well. They used to be grand and splendid, but then I got to paint my room this (slightly greenish) Tiffany blue. A nice change from beige, yes, but that meant the death of my posters and baubles and WHATNOT. Feast your eyes, young 'uns.
LAST THING I SWEAR. Album of the Month should be up tomorrow, but if it's not, then Sunday. Right then, cheeri-o!

Sweater: American Apparel
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Hue
Boots: Miss Me
Peacock Necklace: Forever 21


How do math teachers get high? On planes!

Today's title was brought to you by my geometry teacher. If you happen to run into him, give him a big hurrah.
More importantly...
THE HAWK HAS RETURNED. I found inspiration for this particular one in this photo and my hairstylist Jana, who has hair for days.

Also, I'm getting a weird Morrissey vibe off of it. Yea? Nay? Possiblay?
(The Smiths, you guys. Morrissey's the one with the flowers.)

Let me take a moment to apologize for my absence. A combination of laziness and school has kept me away form the computer for a while. Album of the Month this month will be for September AND October.

This message has been making the rounds on YouTube, and I was finally able to watch it. I KNOW it's Lady Gaga you guys, but watch it. Skip the parts when she's calling her senators, though. I already called mine and asked them to vote with Harry Reid against the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. I couldn't give less of a horsefart if you are homophobic. Just stop this stereotyping of gay soldiers and their illegal discrimination. If they're citizens of this country, it shouldn't matter if they're gay or not. They obviously care enough to risk their lives for it, so don't make them hide their identity for the sake of your comfort.

I'm going to get back to memorizing the periodic table.


Call and Response

First off, I'd like you to pardon the Urban Outfitters bag in the first shot. I use it as my dance bag, and you really can't blame me for using the sturdiest thing they sell in the store (and they don't even really sell it). Secondly, I have a pounding headache that is probably the result of having to wake up at 7 am today to change my school schedule so as to avoid a line and clear up some electives issues only to find out that they don't want to deal with me until school starts. Yup, having a small school can be a bitch. Buuuutttt, I got to sleep the day away afterwards, and I got to play around with this new hat I bought (from Hot Topic, oddly). That shirt I'm wearing will probably be showing up on here much more than is normal or necessary. Just a heads up and whatnot.

Shirt: Passport
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden
Beanie: Hot Topic