Album of the Month: October 2010

Dead Man's Bones
Dead Man's Bones

When I heard that Ryan Gosling had started a band with his friend Zach Shields, I thought, "Ummm, the guy from The Notebook? Let's just see what poser crap he puts out." Then October 6, 2009 arrived. My sister brought home Dead Man's Bones. I was immediately entranced by the cover art. And then I saw "Featuring the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children's Choir" written on the bottom. First, OMG THERE ARE KIDS JUST LIKE MYSELF ON HERE. Second, these are the kids from the conservatory that Flea himself started. Finally, I sat down to listen to the album in its entirety. The first thing I noticed (and this may be because of the high quality of my headphones) was the spacious sound in all the songs. It definitely sounds as if it was recorded in a dungeon or chamber of sorts. The sound adds to the eeriness of the music and lyrics (the album was originally intended to be used for a horror musical). And Ryan Gosling has an amazing voice, guys.The feel I get out of it is cheesy 50's horror films (i.e. The Blob or It!), doo wop, church organs, and the ever so popular soft and hushed indie rock. Sometimes the album gets lost in all its inspirations and moods, and it's always teetering on the edge of average. The album is still very much worth your time. And Ryan Gosling has an amazing voice, guys. He is redeemed in my eyes.
Favorite songs: Lose Your Soul, Buried in Water, The Room Where You Sleep, Pa Pa Power

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