Welcome to Fairy Outfitters. I'm Oberon, how may I help you today?

So you know how often I complain about Los Angeles weather? Here I go again. We had warm weather for about a week followed directly be freezing rain and chilling temperatures. LORD SPARE ME. I don't even own any proper outerwear; I've never needed any until this year. However, the rain cleared up the air for once, so the view was splendid, especially if you're into the whole city lights at night motif.

Pictures courtesy of my master, Zelia. And just know that it was about 53 degrees at the time of these shots and we had to stay out even later to begin her Christmas decorations(she's a silly lass). However, the lights were truly entrancing.

I wanted to add this last shot because I liked how it sort of looked like film, but is actually the result of some odd camera settings I put in place.

For those of you in the LAUSD, have a pleasant week. I'm sorry for those of you that are working stiffs.


It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

When I heard that Lanvin would be creating a mass-market collection for H&M, I was... pretty excited. When I saw the videos on the H&M website explaining the collection, I got butterflies thinking about what sort of clothes were to be created. And when I saw teasers pop up all over the internet, I was doing the Time Warp and fidgeting like a madman. Cue November 2: the collection is finally shown and made available for use by the public in the way of ogling and shrieking in sheer joy. GREAT SCOTT, ALBER ELBAZ. You've done it! You have the secret to life (to life!) itself (itself!).
Well, not really. Alber Elbaz simply has knows how to create an affordable (not for me, though) line of dresses, jackets, shoes, accessories, and menswear that I wish to possess and never part with. There's this one jacket in particular (3:10) that I'm already working into my mental closet. I'll have to wait until November 20 to purchase these clothes (silly H&M!), but I'm willing to wait. Them bitches at the store with me await my wrath.
I'd like to apologize for being a bad blogger. I was busy, blah, blah blah, etc. AND my camera is being fixed at the moment, so no outfit posts for a while, I should think. But good news, friends! I'll be guest blogging over at MaeGal's Fashion, and I'm positively agog. If I have another small posting hiatus, don't be surprised. I try to post as often as I can, mainly for my own fun, but I only hope that you guys actually enjoy reading this.


Fairy Dust

My creation. My beauties. They were finished the night before my school Halloween, but I don't care about how much labor I had to put into these. They're my first full garment that I have ever made without outside assistance.

As for the rest of Halloween, I got a lot of guesses of, "Robin Hood?" Alas! I was Peter Pan! And Zelia was my Lost Boy. Those of you reading at home that didn't understand my costume before reading this are probably going Oooohhhhhh!, as you should be. I hope everyone else had a splendid Halloween, it's only the best and most expressive holiday of the year.