Album of the Month: December 2010

The Kills
Midnight Boom
One day we're going to discuss Alison Mosshart in detail, but for now... let's just bask in the dark fantasy that is the Kills. When I first heard about them way back when (oh, haha Stacy, you sound so old and wise) I initially thought, Yeeeaaahhh... girl/boy duo with some guitars and a drum machine? Isn't that a little White Stripes? That was an unfortunate time in my life when I was closed-minded and didn't understand good music. But we're here now, and Midnight Boom, their most recent release, has become one of my top albums. It has everything, man. You have the lo-fi vibe all over it, like Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince just got together in their fancy shmancy New York apartment and whipped it up while dancing erratically in their bedroom (perhaps it's the one on the cover?). At the same time, the sound is stripped-down expertly without sounding empty. What's cool is the different moods that exist on the album. In songs like "Tape Song" or "Hook and Line," the feel is super groovy and the guitar snarls and everyone goes crazy, lalala! But the band is not a one-trick pony. Though they're at their best when they let the sex appeal ooze all over the place and go for a raw sound, they know how to control it and go slightly softer in songs like "Goodnight Bad Morning" and "Black Balloon." Just, guys. IT'S SO DARK AND SEXY AND DANCY HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE IT?!??!?!
Favorite Songs: U.R.A. Fever, Alphabet Pony, Last Day of Magic

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