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It's been a sluggish winter break. I didn't even want to look at the computer after I got back from Tahoe a week ago, and I've an unhealthy addiction, you know! My week back has instead been full of shopping, a sort of New Year's present to myself that I don't really deserve. I'm a naughty child, you see, and we shall leave it at that.

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New York T-shirt, vinatge; leopard leggings, vintage; collar, DIY; boots, Miss Me

As my dancing/clapping/disgusted friend is trying to show you, I have leopard leggings! Those who know me will call me a hypocrite due to my usual absolute hate for leggings of any sort (except James Lillis' of Black Milk, of course). But the synthetic cat gods were calling to me when I was thrifting yesterday, so I tried them on for sheer ridicule. And what do you know, they didn't look half bad (to me, at least). That there shirt is also the child of yesterday's shopping.

I have affectionately dubbed this my racing sweater. It even feels like the 80s, ya know?

Pewter oxfords, Enzo Angiolini

They're shiny. Shiny. Shiiiiinnnyyy. Is this getting through to you? Though the buggers did give me blisters yesterday, they are now thoroughly broken in and able to be the shiny gentlemen they are. Oh God... I sound a little insane. But they really are amazing, kids. The picture I took with my point-and-shoot really don't do them justice.
I probably won't post again until the New Year, so happy holidays.

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