I hate that I love you

Oy. To. The. Vey. Coachella tickets sold out in about 4 days? Seriously? And now you can't find tickets for less than $600 a pop, 200% of what an actual ticket costs? Fuck scalpers. I don't ever want to be one. And if you are said scalper... all the hipsters will descend upon you. Mark my words.
On something actually relevant, the Givenchy Spring 2011 Couture. Are you prepared? You sure?

I don't think you were truly ready. Mind-blowing, no? I mean, the detail in each garment is astounding. This added to the hats by Philip Treacy and the obvious Asian dancer/robot inspiration makes for quite an interesting collection. As is the Ricardo Tisci tradition, feathers were abundant. I'm really loving the winged designs he added to many of the dresses. The sheer is also on point, though it is a bit reminiscent of the last couture collection. The color palette was very minimal and didn't go out too far from pink and dust. That's why we have these major pops of color on the back. How brilliant! Continuing on the theme of wings, many pieces featured very structured origami-type folding and design. And again with the hats. I'm a huge fan of Philip Treacy, and they definitely added something indescribable to the finished looks. If only it was acceptable to wear couture on a daily basis...


Cinema Reels

Yesterday was the first "let's give awards so we can collectively stroke our egos!" show of the season which we lovingly call the Golden Globes. I actually really shouldn't be dissing them, I'm a slave for awards shows. Especially when they're hosted by a certain Mr. Ricky Gervais who likes to piss of celebrities. I wouldn't have watched the red carpet if it wasn't for my mum, but I guess it's a good thing I did; you won't have to hear about my utter outrage at the categories and nominee selections this year. Instead, we'll look at some dresses normal people can't afford!

As with every year, some celebrities choose gigantic gowns that aren't appropriate for typical California weather, but I appreciate the sacrifice of their comfort, because we get to look at some fabulous gowns. Olivia Wilde in Marchesa was easily my favorite of the evening, with the right amount of glitter and super sexy fringe. Catherine Zeta-Jones looked fantastic in this emerald rose-like dress.

There's a running joke in my family that we all own something by Calvin Klein, so I had to love the two looks done by Francisco Costa for these two ladies (coincidentally, Calvin Klein Collection sponsored the show). Emma Stone (who's back to her original blonde) was another one of my favorite looks in a backless peach dress. Claire Danes' dress was also in the pink family and simply cut with a halter and no back. Err, seems like there are a few too many similarities between these two dresses and their wearers...

To be honest, I just needed to find a category for Natalie, so here's some pregnant women! I personally thought that her Viktor & Rolf dress could've done without the rose appliqué, but it was a pretty color and I guess it hid her baby? Jane Krakowski also happened to be pregnant and on 30 Rock, so she is the second member of this prestigious club.

On another subject, sorry for falling behind on Album of the Month, but I promise I'm working on it! The review might even be up today.


Album of the Month: January 2011

Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

I discovered Arcade Fire in 2007 when my sister left Neon Bible in her car, making it fair game for me. Good thing she did, else I would never have been exposed to what is now one of my favorite bands. As you can imagine, I was anxious to get my hands on their next album. After its August release, I waited for literally months until I could buy a physical copy. I really only do that for bands I love and want to support. Well, the Suburbs is no Funeral or Neon Bible, but why would we want the same albums over again? That being said, it definitely could've been better. Unfortunately, I couldn't even remember some of the songs, even after listening over and over again. However, the parts that were good were really good. The songs had a perfect balance of suburban ennui, big city dreams, pretentiousness, longing, and nostalgia, making for lovely vignettes of the album's world. Win Butler made a mention of kids in almost every song, which was kind of annoying, but it was obvious who this album was made for: those of us experiencing the same childhood and those of us with big dreams (or small ones) of creating a better world or changing our own. The album had a beautiful flow owing to the constant prevalence of strings or fuzz to thread songs together, creating a sort of musical story. Arcade Fire definitely drove their point home on the themes of this album, and I will definitely refer back to them often.
Favorite Songs: The Suburbs, Rococo, Month of May, Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Arcade Fire- Month of May

Just a couple of hours

I didn't want to write about Black Swan in any way, shape or form until I had seen it. Now that I have, I can safely say it is one of the only films I have ever seen that can truly be described as art. It's also one of the only films I have ever seen that have challenged me in watching them. The self-destruction and decay of the mind in this movie are painful to watch, but so beautifully portrayed that tears came to my eyes more than once. I would never call this a horror film, though. It's too smart for that. It really messes with your mind, and it's brilliant! I can never look at mirrors the same way again... What can I say, I could simply gush over this movie all night. And Natalie Portman? That girl was insane! You already knew about my undying love, so that shouldn't come as a surprise. However, Mila Kunis also gave an amazing performance, and both women not only trained for months, but dropped weight in order to achieve the waif-like ballerina physique.

Of course, I can't forget to point out the gorgeous costumes by Rodarte. They make Swan Lake all the more contemporary.

sketches courtesy of Rodarte, all others unknown

Oddly enough, I watched Billy Elliot today (another ballet movie) that ended with a number from Swan Lake. Is Black Swan to take over my subconscious? Quite possibly.


There's no home for you here

Sorry for the gaps in between posts, I'm on a rather hectic schedule what with finals and all. Anyway, I went through the first step of my Wardrode Rehab process last Monday, and I'm as good as a reformed sinner. Getting dressed is so much easier now that I can see all my clothing and not have to deal with bad quality cheap items that I bought for a fiver.


Better, non? There's even some form of organization going on, though I still have quite a bit of cleaning to do before I achieve closet nirvana.
Also, please check out my cross-post at MaeGal's Fashion. She's a darling girl with a helpful little blog.


Happy National Hangover Day!

And a Happy New Year as well!!!!!
Isn't it perfectly marvelous to be able to write 1.1.11? I'm positively agog!
Now, down to business. First we have resolutions.

"Tighten." No no no no no no, I'm just kidding. But crunches everyday...
2. Finally learn to play guitar.
3. Less buy, more DIY.
5. Attempt Wardrobe Rehab.
Let's elaborate on this last one, yes? I first learned about this project from Geneva from A Pair & A Spare. All the steps are on her blog (which is an absolute treasure trove of inspiration and tutorials) with the first being what she calls culling. Basically, I need to try on everything I own and get rid of things I never wear, that don't fit, and are unnecessary clutter. And I have to be absolutely BRUTAL, which is exactly what I need to not only organize my closet, but my life. Because seriously, doesn't it feel great to get rid off excess baggage and stop hiding behind clothes? Plus my closet's an absolute smorgasbord of styles, cuts, colors, and crappy quality. I'll try to remember to photograph the great clean-out so that you guys can see what's going down, but just know that I'm excited for my detox. Hmmmm... closet detox. I like it.