Album of the Month: January 2011

Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

I discovered Arcade Fire in 2007 when my sister left Neon Bible in her car, making it fair game for me. Good thing she did, else I would never have been exposed to what is now one of my favorite bands. As you can imagine, I was anxious to get my hands on their next album. After its August release, I waited for literally months until I could buy a physical copy. I really only do that for bands I love and want to support. Well, the Suburbs is no Funeral or Neon Bible, but why would we want the same albums over again? That being said, it definitely could've been better. Unfortunately, I couldn't even remember some of the songs, even after listening over and over again. However, the parts that were good were really good. The songs had a perfect balance of suburban ennui, big city dreams, pretentiousness, longing, and nostalgia, making for lovely vignettes of the album's world. Win Butler made a mention of kids in almost every song, which was kind of annoying, but it was obvious who this album was made for: those of us experiencing the same childhood and those of us with big dreams (or small ones) of creating a better world or changing our own. The album had a beautiful flow owing to the constant prevalence of strings or fuzz to thread songs together, creating a sort of musical story. Arcade Fire definitely drove their point home on the themes of this album, and I will definitely refer back to them often.
Favorite Songs: The Suburbs, Rococo, Month of May, Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Arcade Fire- Month of May

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