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Yesterday was the first "let's give awards so we can collectively stroke our egos!" show of the season which we lovingly call the Golden Globes. I actually really shouldn't be dissing them, I'm a slave for awards shows. Especially when they're hosted by a certain Mr. Ricky Gervais who likes to piss of celebrities. I wouldn't have watched the red carpet if it wasn't for my mum, but I guess it's a good thing I did; you won't have to hear about my utter outrage at the categories and nominee selections this year. Instead, we'll look at some dresses normal people can't afford!

As with every year, some celebrities choose gigantic gowns that aren't appropriate for typical California weather, but I appreciate the sacrifice of their comfort, because we get to look at some fabulous gowns. Olivia Wilde in Marchesa was easily my favorite of the evening, with the right amount of glitter and super sexy fringe. Catherine Zeta-Jones looked fantastic in this emerald rose-like dress.

There's a running joke in my family that we all own something by Calvin Klein, so I had to love the two looks done by Francisco Costa for these two ladies (coincidentally, Calvin Klein Collection sponsored the show). Emma Stone (who's back to her original blonde) was another one of my favorite looks in a backless peach dress. Claire Danes' dress was also in the pink family and simply cut with a halter and no back. Err, seems like there are a few too many similarities between these two dresses and their wearers...

To be honest, I just needed to find a category for Natalie, so here's some pregnant women! I personally thought that her Viktor & Rolf dress could've done without the rose appliqué, but it was a pretty color and I guess it hid her baby? Jane Krakowski also happened to be pregnant and on 30 Rock, so she is the second member of this prestigious club.

On another subject, sorry for falling behind on Album of the Month, but I promise I'm working on it! The review might even be up today.

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