Happy National Hangover Day!

And a Happy New Year as well!!!!!
Isn't it perfectly marvelous to be able to write 1.1.11? I'm positively agog!
Now, down to business. First we have resolutions.

"Tighten." No no no no no no, I'm just kidding. But crunches everyday...
2. Finally learn to play guitar.
3. Less buy, more DIY.
5. Attempt Wardrobe Rehab.
Let's elaborate on this last one, yes? I first learned about this project from Geneva from A Pair & A Spare. All the steps are on her blog (which is an absolute treasure trove of inspiration and tutorials) with the first being what she calls culling. Basically, I need to try on everything I own and get rid of things I never wear, that don't fit, and are unnecessary clutter. And I have to be absolutely BRUTAL, which is exactly what I need to not only organize my closet, but my life. Because seriously, doesn't it feel great to get rid off excess baggage and stop hiding behind clothes? Plus my closet's an absolute smorgasbord of styles, cuts, colors, and crappy quality. I'll try to remember to photograph the great clean-out so that you guys can see what's going down, but just know that I'm excited for my detox. Hmmmm... closet detox. I like it.

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