I hate that I love you

Oy. To. The. Vey. Coachella tickets sold out in about 4 days? Seriously? And now you can't find tickets for less than $600 a pop, 200% of what an actual ticket costs? Fuck scalpers. I don't ever want to be one. And if you are said scalper... all the hipsters will descend upon you. Mark my words.
On something actually relevant, the Givenchy Spring 2011 Couture. Are you prepared? You sure?

I don't think you were truly ready. Mind-blowing, no? I mean, the detail in each garment is astounding. This added to the hats by Philip Treacy and the obvious Asian dancer/robot inspiration makes for quite an interesting collection. As is the Ricardo Tisci tradition, feathers were abundant. I'm really loving the winged designs he added to many of the dresses. The sheer is also on point, though it is a bit reminiscent of the last couture collection. The color palette was very minimal and didn't go out too far from pink and dust. That's why we have these major pops of color on the back. How brilliant! Continuing on the theme of wings, many pieces featured very structured origami-type folding and design. And again with the hats. I'm a huge fan of Philip Treacy, and they definitely added something indescribable to the finished looks. If only it was acceptable to wear couture on a daily basis...

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