Finally! The road trip video I've always dreamed of making! Disorienting as usual from the Kills. Loving the song, of course. I'm positively agog for the new album coming out in April.


Frida Gringa

I come to you with a severe case of laryngitis! Seriously, I can't speak at louder than a whisper if even that. So in between my "doctor's orders" naps, I'll try to sneak in some show reviews. On that subject, there's quite a lot to mull over this season. I'm going to go through them starting with New York and then London, Milan, and Paris. Quite a list I have to say...
Anyway, I've fallen seriously in love with this editorial. I'm rather puzzled as to why they chose to do a white Frida Kahlo, but what do I, a silly young lass, know? In any case, I love the melancholy vibe that manages to pull through even though the spread is all florals and bright colors. Flower halos and bright lipstick abound! It's basically what I want to look like all the time.
For all you awards show fans, the Oscars are tonight. Anyone else excited?



Fake America

I love Grammy fashion just because the outfits can be much more eccentric and more interesting than at acting awards shows. And look who I spotted...

Our gal Florence Welch in Givenchy Spring Couture 2011. Brownie points!

Overnight Religion

This isn't really related to anything, but I know the drummer of this up-and-coming band, so I thought I'd take the liberty of putting up their first video here for all of you (well, the two of you) to check out. They're extremely talented, so please offer up your support by watching and spreading the word!



She looks like a right ragamuffin, yeah? I'm really vibing with the shabbiness of the hat paired with the futuristic mod of the glasses, the navy cravat, and the adorable suspenders and shirt combo. This is pretty much what I want to look like at the moment.

The hat is a recent rescue from the abyss known as my sister's closet. I plan to incorporate it into some sort of used car salesman/matador/mod outfit. It just seems natural. Me being a stupid kid, I forgot today was Valentine's Day when I walked out this morning, so that rose in my hair (what there is of it) is supposed to be my attempt at being festive or romantic or gross, I dunno. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good picture of this shirt uploaded as of yet, but all you need to know is that it looks like a starry night sky and is thoroughly amazing and not actually mine.
Pleasant day, everyone.

Blonde Redhead- Publisher


We move like animals

As of late I've become known for my collection of so-called "artsy sweaters." I decided to continue building it up by adding this alpaca (yes, quite literally alpaca) number. It's itchy beyond belief, but who cares? It is the ultimate animal sweater! It beats the hell out of holiday reindeer or turkeys or whatever people put on sweaters nowadays. Maybe I should say sweater one more time? Sweater, sweater, sweater, sweater. Alright, now that's out. By the way, forgive my glum expression. I was probably brooding. What a teenager am I!
Now, I don't believe you can see my makeup and necklace in these pictures very well, so we'll use some zoom action to spotlight this.

Don't get me wrong; I love a bright red lipstick, but orange is just so much fresher, not? My makeup bag was stolen at the time, so I couldn't fix it up, but I think you get the point, right? And that necklace up yonder? It sort of reminds me of a classier surfer necklace, or this Proenza Schouler one.

I plan to DIY this, of course. When I finally get my hands on some bungee cords and awesome stones, I'll show off the final product.
Have a pleasant day, bros.


Album of the Month: February 2011


From the moment the first track came on, I knew I would like this album. It was the synthline of Odessa that first got me hooked. I stayed for the rest of the ride, and I just have to comment on how talented this guy is at creating a sonic atmosphere. I mean, it resonated gorgeously. It still managed to give off groovy vibes all the while. Well, not vibes, exactly. More like groovy waves. Yes, waves! Waves on an album called Swim! So clever, Stacy. Anyway, these songs had an almost dancy feel without being overpoweringly loud or full of bass. It's very stripped down, lacking insane distortion and cluttered noises without being fragile like some would tend to become. To keep the interest, Dan Snaith (yes, this is one of those bands with only one person) juxtaposes odd pairings of instruments and sounds and plays aorund with volume and dynamic to add to the sonic dancefloor. I'd go so far as to say this is intelligent club music. His other albums are jolly good as well, so you should most certainly acquire this album, but make sure to pick up some others while you're at it.
Favorite Songs: Odessa, Sun, Kaili, Jamelia