Album of the Month: February 2011


From the moment the first track came on, I knew I would like this album. It was the synthline of Odessa that first got me hooked. I stayed for the rest of the ride, and I just have to comment on how talented this guy is at creating a sonic atmosphere. I mean, it resonated gorgeously. It still managed to give off groovy vibes all the while. Well, not vibes, exactly. More like groovy waves. Yes, waves! Waves on an album called Swim! So clever, Stacy. Anyway, these songs had an almost dancy feel without being overpoweringly loud or full of bass. It's very stripped down, lacking insane distortion and cluttered noises without being fragile like some would tend to become. To keep the interest, Dan Snaith (yes, this is one of those bands with only one person) juxtaposes odd pairings of instruments and sounds and plays aorund with volume and dynamic to add to the sonic dancefloor. I'd go so far as to say this is intelligent club music. His other albums are jolly good as well, so you should most certainly acquire this album, but make sure to pick up some others while you're at it.
Favorite Songs: Odessa, Sun, Kaili, Jamelia

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