Frida Gringa

I come to you with a severe case of laryngitis! Seriously, I can't speak at louder than a whisper if even that. So in between my "doctor's orders" naps, I'll try to sneak in some show reviews. On that subject, there's quite a lot to mull over this season. I'm going to go through them starting with New York and then London, Milan, and Paris. Quite a list I have to say...
Anyway, I've fallen seriously in love with this editorial. I'm rather puzzled as to why they chose to do a white Frida Kahlo, but what do I, a silly young lass, know? In any case, I love the melancholy vibe that manages to pull through even though the spread is all florals and bright colors. Flower halos and bright lipstick abound! It's basically what I want to look like all the time.
For all you awards show fans, the Oscars are tonight. Anyone else excited?


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