She looks like a right ragamuffin, yeah? I'm really vibing with the shabbiness of the hat paired with the futuristic mod of the glasses, the navy cravat, and the adorable suspenders and shirt combo. This is pretty much what I want to look like at the moment.

The hat is a recent rescue from the abyss known as my sister's closet. I plan to incorporate it into some sort of used car salesman/matador/mod outfit. It just seems natural. Me being a stupid kid, I forgot today was Valentine's Day when I walked out this morning, so that rose in my hair (what there is of it) is supposed to be my attempt at being festive or romantic or gross, I dunno. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good picture of this shirt uploaded as of yet, but all you need to know is that it looks like a starry night sky and is thoroughly amazing and not actually mine.
Pleasant day, everyone.

Blonde Redhead- Publisher

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  1. Thank you for your comment! Love your blog too <3 Just in reply to your question about having the song as just a bar, all you do is embed the code as normal but change the height to 25 and the width to 480 :) You can do this either before you copy the code, or after in the 'Edit html' part of the post :) Hope that helps!

    Love Ellen