We move like animals

As of late I've become known for my collection of so-called "artsy sweaters." I decided to continue building it up by adding this alpaca (yes, quite literally alpaca) number. It's itchy beyond belief, but who cares? It is the ultimate animal sweater! It beats the hell out of holiday reindeer or turkeys or whatever people put on sweaters nowadays. Maybe I should say sweater one more time? Sweater, sweater, sweater, sweater. Alright, now that's out. By the way, forgive my glum expression. I was probably brooding. What a teenager am I!
Now, I don't believe you can see my makeup and necklace in these pictures very well, so we'll use some zoom action to spotlight this.

Don't get me wrong; I love a bright red lipstick, but orange is just so much fresher, not? My makeup bag was stolen at the time, so I couldn't fix it up, but I think you get the point, right? And that necklace up yonder? It sort of reminds me of a classier surfer necklace, or this Proenza Schouler one.

I plan to DIY this, of course. When I finally get my hands on some bungee cords and awesome stones, I'll show off the final product.
Have a pleasant day, bros.

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