Album of the Month: April 2011


The Kills
Blood Pressures

Apparently, they're now "refined like pharmaceutical cocaine." And you know what? I agree. This album still has the lo-fi quality to it, but instead of bing wild and feral like it used to be, the music is more polished and, dare I say it, poppier. They've definitely moved on from Midnight Boom. The drum machines aren't as pronounced, and the guitar is more layered, sort of like what we heard with U.R.A Fever. I am super psyched that Jamie (aka Hotel) gets more of a presence on this one. I mean I could rave on and on about Alison, but this is a duo; you kind of want a spotlight on both. Overall this record is less cocaine-in-your-apartment and more midnight-show-followed-by-a-road-trip. You know what I'm getting at?
Favorite Songs: Satellite, Baby Says, DNA, Damned If She Do

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