Hello again everyone! I've returned from camp, and had my fill of camp vibes and adorable young children. I generally don't like little kids (read: I've a hard time standing them), but I dunno, man, it just clicked for me. Anyway, I know you don't need to hear about friendship bracelet extravaganzas, so we move on.

What began as my vision for a dance project became my favorite DIY project to date. I discovered a giant bolt of this lacy fabric on sale while I was at JoAnn's and I immediately grabbed it. All I did was sew the side seam only a part of the way for a high slit (as if I needed to show more skin in this) and added a waistband to the top. Surprisingly, I wasn't dress coded when I wore this, but God forbid you should wear a strapless dress! My skanky dressing habits aside, I'm a major fan of this outfit. I love color, so it was almost fun to wear all black and brown. I wish I had a better picture of my shirt, but it's basically a pop art sort of thing of Shakespeare happy, sad, angry, and surprised. I sort of botched the back in a previous project, but I kind of like my temporary fix of a shitload of safety pins And yes, I am a theater nerd, you sly dog, you! By the way, those are shorts, not underwear. Just saying. I paired it with my psychic moon necklace and my bitch face I reserve for these oh so serious photos.
Well, I'm off to prepare for some hardcore partying with the HRM and my Russian crew. I leave you with my song of the summer. No joke, I've had it on repeat for the past two weeks now.

Animal Collective- In the Flowers

EDIT: This totally slipped by me, but this blog is now a year old! I can't wait to see how it develops further, and I'd like to thank anyone who came by and read the thoughts of a rambling 15-year-old girl.

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