Do you hear the people sing?

I wore a thrifted Peter Pan collar shirt (Salvation Army), black H&M shorts, my go-to black heels, and red lipstick to see Les Miserables this past Sunday. First of all, how saucy am I? and secondly, I don't think I've ever been on the verge of tears so often during a show before. It was simply and irrevocably beautiful. The singing, sets, costumes, music, lighting, and acting all worked to great effect to produce a musical that is truly one for the ages. No wonder people are still enthralled by it even after 25 years. As an acting hopeful and committed theater nerd, I could just see the joy the actors felt just being on stage and telling the tragic story of Jean Valjean and the French Revolution. It might be too late to purchase tickets, but if you're in the Los Angeles area this summer, buy them now! It's at the Ahmanson until July 31st.
One more thing before I sign out for the night. My band Sleep Mountain is playing a gig at the Cobalt Cafe this Friday at about 7 pm. It's our first one together, and we'd like to draw as big a crowd as we can. It's before Carmeggedon, so no excuses!

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