Album of the Month: August 2011

Without You I'm Nothing

This is hands-down one of my favorite albums of all time. In fact, it's probably my favorite album. It's raw, subversive, and highly emotional. And oh so 90s! It kills me! I would classify this as glam grunge of the highest caliber. The lyrics are raunchy and unbridled, the riffs distorted. Placebo's image also contributes to the feel of all their albums. The band is known for their androgynous look and style, with lead singer Brian Molko being bisexual and bassist Stefan Olsdal being gay. However, the album itself is simple at its roots. There are no crazy guitar solos, no yodeling, no brouhaha. It's a personal album calling out to the listener to feel the pain and longing in Brain Molko's voice. That doesn't mean it's all doom and gloom; there are some insane rockers like Every You Every Me, You Don't are About Us, Scared of Girls, and Brick Shithouse. The real jewels are Pure Morning and the title track. The first has an awesome rhythm and plays with dynamics, the second is probably Molko's best vocal on the album. There's so much angst in his voice, you can't help but worry. In short, this album isn't for everyone but it spoke to an entire generation.
Favorite Songs: Pure Morning, You Don't Care About Us, Without You I'm Nothing, Every You Every Me, My Sweet Prince, Scared of Girls

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