¡DIY Extravaganza!

Finally! I've had the chance to complete some of the DIY projects I've had in the works! The first is this black sweater with a skull cutout in the back.

I realize they're all over the place, but it's just incredibly easy to make. All you need to do is draw out your design on the back in chalk and snip. DON'T make the same mistake I did and use a knit (which I got from Salvation Army for a dollar, by the way). If you cut it too thin it'll unravel and you'll have to sew it back together. If you do use a knit, get Fray Check. It's a life saver!
That there is also today's outfit. I was a little wary about wearing black in the middle of summer, but I concluded that wearing cutouts was skanky enough for Los Angeles and some awesome ventilation. PLUS I got some new leopard print shorts, continuing my love affair,

and this beautiful new clip/pin.

I also got this ear cuff from ModCloth and despite the fact I've only had it for a week or so, I can't stop wearing it! I receive compliments every time, it's just so unique.

Next is this cropped blouse, the tutorial for which can be found here.



The second shots are directly after my gig with my band at the Cobalt in July (which was stupendous, by the way). The collar is definitely my favorite part, but I have an unnatural predilection for them anyway.

That seems to be it for now, but I will definitely have more for you soon. And London is just two weeks away...

Continue having a bangin' summer.

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