Album of the Month September 2011

St. Vincent
Strange Mercy

I waited a very long time for this album. I got into St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) when her last album, Actor, came out in 2009. I shuddered with anticipation, heaved with expectation, shook with excitement. When the blessed day of September 13th finally arrived, I sat down in my bed and popped in the CD (yes, I still own a stereo), and listened. When it was finished, I only felt one thing: disappointment. What the shit had I just listened to? At the time, all I heard was bizarre guitar snarls, weird instruments, and some admittedly gorgeous vocals. Before I allowed myself to enter a maudlin state, I decided to give it a second try. And a third. And a fourth. Around the fifth time, I literally began to dance around my room and yowl like an injured cat. I finally got it! Eureka! This was real music! I am quite literally infatuated with this album. I realized its complexity only after repeated listens. It's a mix of the sincerity of her first album with the experimentation of her second. It feels like a totally personal thing even with all the grandiose instrumentation. Above it all, Annie Clark's voice exudes icy charm. A highly recommended listen to all!
Favorites: Chloe in the Afternoon, Cheerleader, Northern Lights, Neutered Fruit, Year of the Tiger

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