Bora Aksu SS12

Bora Aksu Spring 2012 - Backstage

I had never heard of Bora Aksu previously, but this collection certainly piqued my interest. It was inspired by Edwardian postcards from a Geneva antique market. This could possibly be one of my top shows this season! It just appeals to my sweet side, but satisfies my love for color and edge with the use of sheers and various blues (and a few pinks, too), and you know i was all over the flower headband department. The almost burnt petals on the runway subverted the obvious romantic message for a darker one. It's the gloominess of an era gone by, of losing something important. The dark eyes and ripped tights seen on almost every model contributed to the dead glamour vibe. Oh look! A dark perversion of an otherwise romantic concept! My fall vibes are all over it, y'all.
Also, I realize the past month or so has basically been show reviews, which can't be the most exciting read. I'm trying to mix it up with posts of a varying nature, but Fashion Week is that kind of thing I have to write about NOW or risk forgetting about completely. Nevertheless, I have a busy weekend ahead of me and some serious photo-taking to be part of. ANOTHER SHANA TOVA TO ALL MY JEWS UP IN THE CLUB!

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