You'll die happy and you'll die smiling

I officially begin school on Wednesday. Am I happy about this? No. Am I prepared for this? Most certainly not. Am I pumped for school style? DUH.


Socks from American Apparel.



All images are from Rookie, Tavi's brand new online magazine. I would take a gander, though don't balk at the seemingly minimal content. It's birthday was just today. Anyway, this spread builds upon the 50s vibes I'm feeling for fall partnered with a darker, more subversive look. What I love? Leopard (an ongoing infatuation), frizzy hair, bows, plaid skirts, visible socks, and eccentric blouses.
Somewhat ironically I spent all of Labor Day renovating my house, i.e. hauling around doors, destroying my door collage, arguing with my mother over the merits of beige vs. color, and cleaning out closets (no small feat, I assure you).
By the way, London was absolutely amazing. Future home...?

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