Album of the Month: October 2011

Mirror Mirror
Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness

I once showed this album to a friend, and he likened the listening experience to "psychedelic cotton candy." Truer words were never spoken. The whole thing sounds like an acid trip gone wrong, but in the best possible way! You can't go wrong with an album with such a long-winded name! I feel the urge to learn about cults and dance uncontrollably when I listen to this (which is really quite often). Mirror Mirror uses murky guitars, out-of-this-world keyboards, lots of cymbal, various sound effects, and bizarre, all-too-hip lyrics. While it retains a lo-fi quality, the album doesn't sound fuzzy at all, just spacious, like your mind is expanding a dimension a minute. At 36 minutes, your mind is going to need quite a bit of room to take this all in. All in all, it's the perfect album to put on while thinking, traipsing through the woods, or even just in the background so the music can fade in and out of your consciousness.
Favorite Songs: Don Coyote's Confession, Eugene, Cry for More, Love is the Law

New Horizons

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