Album of the Month: November 2011

The Doors
The Doors

Call me cliche. I dare you. I also dare you to call this band or this album boring. Sure, when people think about the Doors, the image of Jim Morrison is difficult to disregard, but there was so much more to them. Have you ever truly paused to listen to Ray Manzarek's keyboards? Like his solo in Light My Fire? They were what set the tone of each song and what I recall after listening to the album for the fiftieth time. Melodically, the album is superlative. It's so damn catchy! But the true core of the band remains with Morrison. He is one of my constant inspirations, and his imagery perfectly captures the world he built around himself. And really, who else can make amorality look so sexy? The man was a true poet of his time, and a visionary for posterity. I mean, really, what the fuck is The End all about? It's almost universal in its interpretations, a quality that makes it a lasting masterpiece. Admiration aside, The Doors really is a fantastic album that speaks to both the flower child and the devil worshiper in us. 
Favorite Songs: Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar), Twentieth Century Fox, The End

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